Debt recovery lawyers speaking with client

Debt Recovery Lawyers in Sydney

Every business has its aged debtors. Debt recovery agencies can only go so far. For the most recalcitrant debtors you will generally need our debt recovery lawyers in Sydney to turn the screws. We know how to turn them.

If you speak with our team of Sydney debt recovery lawyers, the first thing we will do is consider commerciality. What assets does the debtor have? What are the prospects of recovering the debt? What sort of further efforts can sensibly be justified having regard to these factors?

In some cases, for asset-poor debtors, our advice may be to take no further steps and write the debt off. However, there are several steps which can sensibly be taken at low cost and no risk:

How Can We Help?

If neither of these options is successful in prompting payment, then we can pursue other avenues including winding up the debtor company (if a statutory demand has expired), or simply commencing court proceedings to gain a judgment (which can then be enforced via various methods, including by garnishing the debtor’s bank accounts, selling their property, and making them bankrupt). Of course, the commerciality of such proceedings is paramount, so we would first undertake investigations to ensure that there would be money for you at the end of that process, and that you would recover your costs. Contact our team of debt recovery lawyers now to find out more.