Contract disputes can arise as a result of a breach of a contractual term, non-performance of an obligation, an argument over the terms of an oral agreement or the proper operation of a partially written and partially oral contract, the occurrence of an unforeseen event (a ‘force majeure’), the termination of a contract, or the existence of an unfair or unconscionable contract term. Arguments also tend to occur due to the parties possessing vastly differing interpretations of the contractual terms. Read more below on how our contract dispute lawyers can help you.

Contract Disputes

Breach of Contract Lawyer

a dispute over a contract

Our team at Tom Howard Legal has a team of contract dispute lawyers who are experienced in dealing with a variety of contractual disputes and can offer expert advice in relation to the timely and cost-effective resolution of contract law disputes.

We assist in a broad range of contract disputes including:

It is important to ensure that contractual disputes resolve quickly without any additional financial burden to you or your company. We often find that most disputes are most efficiently resolved through negotiations with the other party while avoiding the costs associated with going to court.  This is typically best achieved by having a sober view of your rights under the contract, and your prospects of success in demonstrating those rights in court.  A clear understanding of those prospects helps to establish bargaining power in negotiation, and assuming the party you are in dispute with is reasonable and well-advised, then typically settlement can be achieved with the benefit of this understanding.

However, if settlement is not achievable and it becomes necessary to enforce your rights at swordpoint, Tom Howard Legal will take all the necessary steps on your behalf to protect your rights and entitlements under the contract and work to ensure that you receive a satisfactory commercial outcome.

While most contractual disputes arise from business dealings, they are not restricted to the commercial sphere. Many contracts are formed informally or orally in everyday transactions. Whether you are an individual, business, or partnership, if you are a party to a contractual dispute then we can assist.