If you are buying or selling a license, contract or piece of equipment that is complicated or of material value, it may be worth getting external legal advice to help assess the transfer documentation and structure.  Important considerations include:

  • whether the transfer is legally effective
  • whether the transfer is clear of encumbrances (e.g. security granted to a bank or lessor)
  • whether the transfer requires additional legal steps, e.g. registration or a consent from a government authority, or the consent or co-operation of a contractual counterparty
  • seller warranties / indemnities in relation to the sale asset, e.g. in relation to defects
  • conducting basic due diligence on the sale asset

Whether you need us to draft and structure a complex bespoke sale transaction, or whether you just need a quick legal review and ‘sign-off’ of a transfer document provided to you by a counterparty, we have the skills and experience to assist.