Any business or investment vehicle will inevitably enter into contracts – for example services agreements, purchase agreements, franchise agreements, intellectual property licensing, employment contracts, real estate leases, construction contracts, loan documentation, etc.  Depending on the type of legal instrument and the nature of the underlying transaction, these documents can sometimes be difficult to interpret and time consuming for you to prepare.  Crafting a document that has the legal effect intended by the parties is unfortunately not always straight-forward.

We are expert at interpreting, drafting and negotiating all manner of legal instruments.  We can help you with:

  • drafting and negotiation of important or complex commercial contracts
  • preparation of robust ‘standard form’ contracts (e.g. services agreements or sales agreements) which you can roll out repeatedly in your business with minimal on-going legal support
  • review or ‘legal sign off’ of commercial documents prepared by your customers, suppliers and partners

Commercial Contracts

As experienced commercial lawyers, we can identify risks in your documentation that you may be unable to see, and we will work with you to minimise and mitigate these risks.  Whether you need a complex bespoke agreement drafted from scratch, or just a ‘once over’ legal sign-off on a more standard form document, we can assist you with your commercial contracts.


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