It is extraordinarily risky to engage employees without written contracts. It is worth obtaining a clear and concise agreement to provide to employees to ensure there is no ambiguity in the terms of their employment, as ambiguity inevitably leads to disputes.

If you need employment documents prepared, reviewed, or amended, we can assist. Among the various documents that we can provide to you are the following commonly used options:

  1. Letters of appointment: the simplest form of employment contract, suitable for award level staff.
  2. Short form contract: a basic employment contract containing basic protections for confidential information and simple non-compete (restraint of trade) terms.
  3. Long form contract: a detailed employment contract suitable for executive level employees, containing the highest level of protection for confidential information, non-compete terms and confirmation of statutory obligations.
  4. Deed of confidentiality and restraint: a separate document containing confidentiality, IP and non-compete terms to protect your business interests.
  5. Employee Handbook, containing a collection of employer policies (for example, a grievance resolution procedure, a work health and safety policy, a sick leave policy et cetera).

Generally speaking there will be no charge for the provision of these documents. The only charge will come from time spent tailoring them to your specific needs, and advising you on the way in which the documents work.