If you’re in business for long enough, you will inevitably find yourself mired in a dispute that might require you to seek legal advice.

Common commercial disputes include disputes over:

  1. Debts due and payable;
  2. breach of contracts that you or your company may have entered into;
  3. negligence;
  4. goods or services your company may have supplied or received; and
  5. misleading and deceptive conduct.

Tom and his team have substantial experience in running and winning commercial disputes.  Tom’s top priority when advising on commercial disputes is to get his clients a positive commercial outcome.  Often this means avoiding litigation (which can be extremely expensive) and looking for alternative means of resolving your dispute.

If litigation appears unavoidable, Tom will ensure that it makes commercial sense for your business before pursuing it.  This means analysing very carefully the value of the interest being pursued, the cost of pursuing it, any risk associated with that pursuit, and the opportunity cost associated with the time and money that is required to be invested in litigation, and in the context of all of those considerations, determining the appropriate strategy that best fits the commercial reality of the situation.  If, after this analysis, litigation makes sense, Tom will pursue it on your behalf to the fullest extent of the law.

We have an excellent track record of resolving disputes without the need to resort to litigation, and of winning disputes if they do end up in litigation.

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